Introduction and application for self-tapping threaded inser

widely used in automobile industry, many advanced countries subway system, military supplies, household appliance, construction machinery, transaction machinery, electronic products, engineering plastics, advanced combination of furniture, aluminum alloy casting and other industries.

AD - Insert ® self-drilling screw of use:

AD - INSERT self-drilling screw set of commonly used two kinds of style for grooving and circular groove, the AD - 302 slot type, such as self-drilling screw is recommended used in most applications. In some materials, this provides perfect specific a screw thread locking effect. If not yet, generally it is recommended to use AD - 307/308 round groove, AD - 307/308 round pass made a major breakthrough in the field of material removal difficult. This product not only has a very thick wall, there are three circular hole with cutting ability scattered in the wall and the AD - 307/308 round pass product especially suitable for the material thickness is not very comfortable. If you have special request of dalian Andy machinery equipment co., LTD. According to the customer need to customize. Self-drilling screw used almost throughout the metal and plastic processing industry, products have been applied in the automotive industry for a long time, the civil and commercial vehicle engines, transmissions, aviation industry, car industry, its quality has never been questioned.