The advantages of Self-tapping threaded insert

The advantages of AD - Insert ® self-drilling screw:

  • Mixer tapping with a self tapping screw, a screw artifacts without a tapping beforehand, saving cost, simplifying the product design, improve product strength.
  • Mixer self-drilling screw and workpiece contact area is large, withstand strong tension, workpiece design can use the lower strength of materials.
  • Mixer self-drilling screw to wear or the mother of the crushing teeth threaded have repair effect, using the self tapping screw can continue to use the same screw.
  • Mixer self-drilling screw for vibration resistance is strong, can prevent the loose.
  • Mixer self-drilling screw and the gap of the parent metal in everything, if the parent metal containing bubbles when also has a good air tightness.
  • Self-drilling screw installation is simple, rapid, just an assembly tool, the cost is low, almost no defective rate.