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Kaiweidi group products and engineering solutions in sealing and fluid control applications leading fast and reliable. SuitableFor the pressure and load of various materials, all kinds of extreme. Kaiweidi KOENIG EXPANDER series plug in cars and liquidPressure seal industry field, has become a benchmark, is now widely used in many industries, especially in car industry, flowStrength and precision instrument - engine, gear box, a transmission component, suspension system, braking system, steering singleThe optimal element and the pump nozzle sealing scheme. Thanks to the Kaiweidi group existing KOENIG EXPANDERS series plugDiversity and customization development ability, can Kaiweidi for a variety of applications in field. Seal scheme provides ideal. The sameLike the outstanding performance of the KOENIG RESTRICTOR series and Kaiweidi limiter, is a kind of anti off to change the securityEffective flow control products.