KATO Tangless inserts give you all the benefits, features and performance of conventional tanged inserts. In fact, KATO Tangless inserts are identical in form fit and function to conventional tanged inserts. The only thing missing from KATO Tangless inserts are the tangs!

Here is where Tangless CoilThread Inserts stand out from all other helically-coiled inserts. Instead of a tang, tangless inserts feature a unique, ramped driving notch on the inside diameter of the first coil on each end of the insert (see diagram below). To drive the insert we developed an innovative installation tool with a patented, internal, spring -loaded pawl located at the tip of the tools mandrel. During Installation, this hooked pawl locks into the Insert Driving Notch and rotates the insert into the tapped hole. The pawl then retracts into the mandrel to allow the tool to back out of the installed insert.

End View 
 During Insert Installation


End View 
 Tool  Leaving Installed Insert







The spring-loaded pawl within the installation tool engages the driving notch to install the insert.  The chamfered ends of the insert allow the insert to smoothly enter the tapped hole.


Once the insert is driven to the proper depth, the installation tool automatically reverses rotation. The pawl slides back into the tool's recess as the mandrel unscrews from the installed insert