KVTsealing plug

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Cavey emperor group products and engineering solutions in a fast and reliable sealing and fluid control applications the world's leading. Suitable for all kinds of materials

Materials, all kinds of extreme pressure and load. Cavey emperor KOENIG EXPANDER ® series plug in the field of automotive and hydraulic seal, already

Become a benchmark, is now widely used in many industry - especially in the auto industry, fluid power and precision instruments - be launched

Machine, gear box, transmission parts, suspension system, braking system, steering unit of oil pump and nozzle optimal sealing solutions. Thanks to cavey emperor

The diversity of the group's existing KOENIG EXPANDERS ® series plug and client customization development ability, cavey emperor to field for various applications

Provide ideal sealing solution. Also did well and cavey emperor KOENIG RESTRICTOR ® series current limiter, is a kind of resistance

Easy change is safe and effective fluid control products.